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The PrimeWay Viral DNA / RNA Extraction Kit is designed specifically for efficient purification of viral DNA and viral RNA from serum, plasma, body fluids, cell culture supernatant and viral transport medium swabs....
Azure Biosystems
The Ultimate Western Blot Imaging System. Your Western Blot method shouldn’t be limited by your imaging system, and with the Azure 600 it’s not. Fluorescent detection offers multiplex capabilities, and the best...
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The PrimeWay Genomic DNA Extraction Kit is a rapid and reliable kit that isolates highly pure genomic DNA from human/ animal tissue, cultured cells, rodent tails, bacteria, yeast, dried blood spots, blood samples,...
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The PrimeWay Plant DNA Extraction Kit is a rapid and reliable kit to isolate high quality genomic DNA from plant samples. This kit offers 2 types of lysis buffer: PLB1 Buffer (CTAB Buffer) and PLB2 Buffer (SDS Buffer)...
Azure Biosystems
Visible Fluorescence Imaging System for Western Blots, Fluorescent Proteins and Stains. The most flexible solution to detect three fluorescent targets in the visible range in multiplex, ECL WBs, and do all your gel...
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The PrimeWay Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit is a rapid and reliable kit used to purify high quality plasmid DNA. It uses the alkaline lysis method to purify plasmid DNA from bacteria. This kit also comes with RNase A to...
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The PrimeWay Gel Extraction/ PCR Purification kit offers 2 applications in one kit. It is a simple procedure that uses a silica-based spin column to perform gel extraction or purify the DNA fragments from 65 bp to 15...

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